Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie Obama Becomes the Rooster

Don’t have much time tonight; at least, not enough time to pretend like I can write. But I feel I must throw this comment into the wild blue sky of the internet.
I purposefully stopped driving today at the right time to see some of the people tell their story of how Madoff destroyed their lives. Even I, an old, brackish, former convict, former U.S. Marine, with so little to loose financially or otherwise, was moved as I watched the victims speak their piece. And, as always, I see much of life through the prism of politics.
Madoff likely began his career, as an honest man; probably had many times in his young career when he could have ripped someone off, but chose to live his life with principles guided by a moral compass. But what I believe happened is simply human nature: any man who can be king, WILL be king; absolute power corrupts absolutely.
He began his latest endeavor a few decades ago, building upon a fragile ego, setting up people around him that he could control- family, close friends, and a few weak-kneed math/financial whizzes. As time went by, his mind changed. He found that his word was gold to those around him and none of them knew the Reagan quip, “Trust but verify,” they simply blindly trusted him. And that is the one thing that took him over the edge.
Madoff became king in his mind as well as king in the mind of those around him. The few times he met with government regulators –political ponds who answered to friends of friends of friends who had money with Madoff—did nothing more than skim the surface of his activities. This eventually led to Madoff seeing and feeling absolute power, surrounded by “yes” men and women. The rest is history.
I see the same circumstances growing around Obama. The difference is he does not have the time of a Madoff. I am sure Obama believes he is doing what is best for America, no, for the world. But I will lay you odds he will evolve quickly – still thinking he’s doing the best for the universe – but his personal slice will soon be internally justified, and we will all feel this ponzi scheme hit us all like a ton of bricks. He already has control of all our property; soon he will try to rule our actions.

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