Friday, May 15, 2009


“Cannot legislate morality” (CLM) so says the left, and they mean just what it says. CLM is very important to the proliferation of modern liberalism/statism. It is conducive to distorting the recent idea of separating church and state, and the very basis for justifying the killing of the unborn in the name of productive/women’s rights. CLM demands the separation of the married twins: responsibility and accountability. It allows for freedom of choice by one who exercises a freedom, invoking a responsibility, and chooses to not be burdened by the ensuing accountability- this is a working definition of CLM.
Barack Hussein Obama is the current leading carrier of this plague, proofed by his recent speeches commanding economic restraint. Huh? And he is leading the way at putting generations yet to come under the burden of shouldering our debt? This too is a working definition of CLM.
Further, take a closer look at his stated social position on abortion (I don’t need to do your research for you, do I? You can start with the above link). His rhetoric is breaking down our resistance to social diseases, and his actions are spreading CLM.
He is an enemy to our Constitution; an enemy of federalism; an enemy of Liberty as we know it; an enemy of morality, separating responsibility from accountability. He is my enemy.

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