Thursday, July 16, 2009

CYNICISM is Bringing Down America

The Libs have us by our bald wallets. My income has shrunk to near my financial breaking point. Between the planned economic downturn and the money I am being forced to spend for a lawyer (update: suit is over but financially things are still rocky), I am nearly tapped out at the end of the month – every month. If I take time off for a scheduled tea party or any other such activity, I will be filing bankruptcy and hitting the bread lines. However, as I think of what some of our Founders did and what they did without --what they sacrificed, I feel rather selfish thinking only of my personal inconvenience. On the other hand, this day 2009 is quite different than this day 1787.
Credit in circa 1787 hinged on your local reputation, often given and received via a promissory handshake. In 2009 we have worldwide credit brokers and often never see who holds our notes. In fact, those 2009 notes are often bought and sold a dozen or so times before they finally get paid off. Some in my family are in great need (and using) of our wonderful health care system and I gotta pay the piper. I’ve got property taxes, school taxes, insurance premiums for the home and cars, credit cards up the yingyang, an adult daughter in financial distress (living in my home), the IRS, the privately held government backed Fed, and … well, you get the picture.
But is all of this just an excuse? Am I too much of a weenie to stand up and fight? I’ve sent letters and emails on multiple occasions to my representatives. I’ve made phone calls to express my great concerns over the total makeover our country is now enduring. I spend a sizable portion of my week mulling over audio, print and web news outlets. I dream up articles and rants and figure the best ways I can to get the word out. I’ve even stood up in the middle of restaurants to yell out, “Who wants to talk politics?,” or “Who in here thinks I owe them a living?” I’ve been in several near-fights, mostly with black men, because I’m not afraid to loudly say, “Why? Why do you still think government owes you a living? That ‘government’ is me and I have nothing more to give!”
If this is reparations, hell, my Grandfather was 1/4 American Indian –and there’s family rumor we may have some black blood in us; anyone going to bail me out? No, probably not, because I look white, just like Obama looks black.
So what’s next? The leftists know they have us over a barrel. The media either ignores our gatherings, or they poke disgusting fun at them, i.e. “teabagging,” the talking heads spin everything we say, and the drones are simply sitting on fences, with their hands out, soaking in CNN and MSNBC; yea, zero liability citizens and all public fund sponges should not be able to vote.
It is the jiminy cricket voter -and a few enablers- who put this socialist Obama in the White House. Soon, we will be seeing a fast-growing economic divide and the mounting have-nots will be on their knees to the likes of George Soros, Michael Moore, Al Gore, and Barbara Streisand.

How much longer shall we “normal” white guys wait for black America to stop allowing the blackavists to speak for them collectively?

Aren’t there enough examples of independent, capable, successful blacks to convince their masses they too are fully capable and equal AND responsible? I’m not buying the rhetoric that I am superior, which means I’m not going to be shamed into giving up my hard-earned money so you can buy more Colt-44 and Ripple and over-sized tires. Black America- this is the time for you to stand up and stop this cynicism. Stop looking for a handout. Stop blaming others for your self-imposed pain and wimpy suffering. Suck it up and be a Man; be a Woman— be responsible for your own life!

Meanwhile, we sit and tweet our twitters, lurking in the darkness of "woe-is-me."

For full disclosure, I do see some “black” movements trying to lead this very movement. I have previously mentioned some of them, and here is another one: . Their goal should be one that hits 60 MPH and only slows when the “hayriders” begin jumping off and blending in as competent, independent members of the human race. The NAACP, the Black College Fund, Rainbow Push, and all the other “help-me-because-I-am-black” blackavist groups have to go down. These groups are exploiting your fears and giving you reason to feel inferior. STOP IT.
Come find me, shake my hand, give me a hug (I could really use one right now) and sit down to dinner in my home. I’m just a man just like you, struggling out in the cold, cold world of socialist politics, trying to feed my family and be my own person.
What does “proud to be black” mean? Did you do something to earn blackness? I’m proud I taught myself to like spinach; I’m proud I found cause within myself to go from derelict convict to the United States Marine Corps; I’m proud of 30 wonderful years with my wife. But why would I be proud of the length of my nose, or the color of my skin? Someone somewhere needs to get the message to “black” America that “man” and “woman” must come before “black.” I am a man who just happens to be white. And, it ain’t about how much I R-E-S-P-E-C-T you – it’s about how much you respect you. Let the bigots fall where they may, and a slammed door IS an opportunity across the hall.
Don’t you dare tell me I have no idea what it’s like to be a victim of racism; I’ve done time in four prisons –spent 3 months in Fulton County (Atlanta- 1972) jail when I was 17 and only saw three white guys (one was a guard) during that time period. The gloves are off already, thanks to the likes of Malcolm X, Mr. King Jr., and yes, even Mr. Jackson. But now the baggage must fall too. America was already a great country as it was, and to get back there we need to learn the best government is that which governs least. Local government is the answer to our desires for a responsive government. Local government is the answer for meeting any of our desires for social diversity. States rights must prevail.
Please untie Uncle Sam and send Big Brother back to China where he belongs.

P.S.- Is there any way we could kidnap Obama and replace him with Mr. Allen West? Please??

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